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About us: Our aims

We aim to ensure that each child:

  • is in a safe and stimulating environment

  • is given generous care and attention, because of our ratio of qualified staff to children, as well as volunteer parent helpers;

  • has the chance to join with other children and adults to play, work and learn together;

  • is helped to take forward her/his learning and development by being helped to build on what she/he already knows and can do;

  • has a personal key worker who makes sure each child makes progress;

  • is in a setting that sees parents as partners in helping each child to learn and develop; and

  • is in a setting in which parents help to shape the service it offers.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage educational program as set out by the government. We are very proud of the work that we do to help each child develop their skills in preparation for and during their first year of the Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum.

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